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iconChina Way – the first Russian radio in China. China Way – your way in China. To represent us, a friendly team China Way , you need to present beautifully, effectively and elegantly ! But since our project is not a Thriller, not a Novella, not a novel, we will describe simply and clearly:
China Way is a information radio for all listeners in China and around the world. On the waves of our station you will be able to learn new facts about China, to be always up to date. Will be able to follow the news in the world, in China and in our countries as well. This is the most useful and relevant information, compelling interviews, meeting new people and also programs you will also find a large number of new and quality music. We are and entertainment radio station, which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. China Way is you. It’s your radio, here talking to you, talking about you, talking to you. Our radio only works in the Internet. You can connect and listen us at any point of the earth where there is Internet. The main function of the air China Way is a benefit for all attendees a pleasant stay in online. And in the end the little story about us, we will write about our goals. The purpose of the China Way is success, results and opportunities of this country, but rather the success of the result and the many opportunities our students in this country. We work hard to make your way in China was brighter, richer, and more successful!!!CHINA WAY!