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In China there are many different myths and traditions. We will introduce you to them.


Hi China! How are you? Ready to drive? Then here we go, hold on tight!


News of the day. The most fun and interesting news in China Way.


The best songs this week according to our listeners. The results of your voting.


In this program we talk about the popular music direction.


Send your greetings and congratulations. They will hear the whole of China. The program on your request.


In China there are many different myths and traditions. We will introduce you to them.


2 hours the best and the most hit music. Spend a Saturday evening.


Tips and advice for those people who are going to walk in the morning.

Welcome to China Way radio station!

featured-image01Welcome to the galaxy Tea way. Welcome to our website. China Way or our way “the Chinese way”, it’s a new world in our universe, which is designed to reveal to you our dear friend and bewitching at the same time to some extent frightening curtain of the Eastern giant – China.
China Way – the first Russian radio station that will tell you about China. If you’re in China, you will learn helpful information which will ease life on this planet, if you’re at home and want to go on a trip to China, plug speakers louder, and don’t forget to fasten the seat belts, our journey may excite the mind like a roller coaster. Ready? Then we start!

In order to join us and listen to the first and the best, radio in China, click on the picture below. If you listen with mobile Internet, we care about saving your traffic, feel free to crank it!

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In our broadcast you will find out about interesting places in China, acquainted with the peculiarities of native character. Interesting, informative interview, funny stories, jokes, anecdotes, lowickie legends and epics and the sea, cool music and excellent mood! Let’s go. Hurry! Connect to China Way!